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This vibrant, lightweight folding board displays both the Omni and Action Grids.   Ideal for centralizing player participation     without the need for printing the individual Grids. It synthesizes RPG and Board
Game Mechanics.
The Architect’s Trestle Board is a must have for all Glyphs GM’s! Access critical game  metrics and common Glyph  interpretations at a glance while shielding sensitive game material from your Players.
The Quick-Gen Tables Screen is designed to hasten the Character Creation Process while concealing sensitive game material. Players and GM’s will have instant access to default data pertaining to Character Creation.
Print your Character Sheets, Game Maps or Trackers and secure them in a durable, transparent  multi-purpose insert. These Print & Play Inserts are Dry-Erasable and double  as a Game Board !
132  Pages  Total:   Includes   (3) Pg 1  Default
Racetype  Sheets, (3) Pg 1  Blank  Sheets,  and
(3) copies of Pages 2-4. Makes  33 Characters!