The Token System TM

The Token System
TM is a Tabletop Role Playing Game Engine that implements a specially crafted Coin known as "The Token TM," bearing symbols known as 'Glyphs' and a hole through the center used to pinpoint the success or failure of an action.

This system is the original one of its kind. The Token
TM is used to determine the outcome of random probabilities, variables and player actions. 'Grids' of concentric shapes are employed in conjunction with many scenarios The Token TM is used in.

Players Spin, Slide, Flip or Toss The Token
TM relative to the context, which determines how The Token TM is to be used for that instant. This presents a new dimension of immersion in the Role Playing experience in addition to the results of random probabilities....the player's own skill!

The Token System
TM gives players more control over their Characters rather than solely relying on the random outcome conveyed by Dice.

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